1. The transdisciplinarity of urban experience

Iain Borden (UCL Bartlett School) led a workshop on the urban experience as a fundamentally transdisciplinary concept. With Mari Paz Balibrea (Birkbeck).

2. Researching screen media and global cities

Johan Andersson (King’s College London) led a workshop building on his co-edited 2016 book Global Cinematic Cities. With Lawrence Webb (Sussex).

3. Urban spaces and scalar traces

Clancy Wilmott (University of Manchester) led a workshop exploring concepts of scale, situatedness, and global-local encounters. With Scott Rodgers (Birkbeck).

4. Mapping urban media infrastructures

Shannon Mattern (The New School) and Rebecca Ross (Central Saint Martins) led a workshop on exploring, excavating, observing, testing, and notating urban media infrastructures. With Scott Rodgers (Birkbeck).

5. Urban cultural studies: getting oriented, getting published

Ben Fraser (University of Arizona) led a workshop on how students can make their work publishable in the emergent field of urban cultural studies. With Mari Paz Balibrea (Birkbeck).

About the workshop series

Read more about the aims and objectives of the City Maps workshop series.

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